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Life is not always easy, it does get hard and challenging at times but remember we have got Jesus. Turn to him. There are a lot of lost people out there that don't know Jesus so tell them what he has done for you and what he can do for them. Preach out

We men need to be prayer warriors. We need to meet up, we need more prayer groups. You see the women stuck in prayer. It's time we do the same. Let's get something going. It all starts with prayer nothing gets going with out it, so why do we not attend the prayer groups? Why as men do we try avoid them? Can you imagine what will happen if more of us got together and prayed? It's time for a change. Let's be prayer warriors.

"Don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has it's own problems." (Matthew 6:34) That easier said than done but we all need to think that if we keep worrying about tomorrow what are we missing out on today? Are we missing God speaking to us, showing us direction? Scary when you think of it like that so calm down pray and enjoy today! Preach out. Walter.

How many of us have missed God's calling because we are afraid? We are afraid to step out. Well let me just say, look at David who could easily have let fear stop him but he stepped up, stepped out and what happened? He took that giant out. What I'm saying is if it is God who has called you to do something it is because he knows you can take that giant out so don't let fear stop you. We all know where fear comes from. Preach out

So my life has been crazy good lately, things have been happening that don't usually happen to people like me or so I thought but I have got Jesus and know all things can happen. He will open doors no man can shut but we still have to walk through that door and most of the times you will have to step out your comfort zone but if you are sure that God is directing you to that door just step out, walk through, he will protect you and look after you. Preach out. Walter.

Witness walk with cross
This Saturday (3rd Dec), 0900am start.
Hebron church to Milnrow, Newhey , Shaw, Oldham, Royton back to Hebron Rochdale.
Total distance 15.4 miles

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